These are some of my current favorite technologies and methodologies for coding.

AFrame: Mozilla-backed component architecture for WebVR, WebGL, VR360 content. Uses Three.JS and integrates well with modern frameworks.

ESNext: Authoring in the most current code that projects allow and transpiling with babel or typescript for device, platform and browser consumption keeps coders fresh and up to date.

React: Since taking the mantle from angular in 2015, Facebook has passed Google in the framework battle for frontend single page apps.  React-Native is its cross-device counterpart for iOS and Android.


Some concerts and songs from artists I enjoy.


Radiohead Live in Portugal 2016

Muse Live in France 2016

David Bowie Live 2002 Europe

Stevie Wonder Live in Glastonbury 2010


Nirvana: Smells like Teen Spirit

Anna Fedorova: Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 2

Nina Simone Ain’t Got No 1968

David Bowie Blackstar 2016

My Chemical Romance: Famous Last Words

Rolling Stones: Like a Rolling Stone