monday, the first opportunity

Another weekend behind us and another one in front for which to yearn. Yet it is the week day that gives us the most to look forward to. It is when we enter our regular routine. Our habit. The weekend is the two day period that breaks it up and should certainly be enjoyed. But that is only 28.57 percent of the week.

Monday is the day that your good attitude and perspective is your greatest asset and friend. Alone in the shower where your thoughts are free to wander, the plans for the week, whether working or not, begin to froth and come alive. The synaptic nerves rekindle between the shampoo and conditioner. You attentively shave and behold the image you present to the world. It is your day, and this is your week.

The commutes we face each day give us a chance for exercise, reading, writing, listening or watching something. If you can mix it up, you are already that much further ahead. We are creatures of habit, and whatever we do, particularly from one Monday to the next, are likely to be done regularly. Whether we fill that 71.43 percent of the work week with vice or virtue, pleasure or pain, one thing is generally guaranteed. This one will be like the last one, as will the next one.

Monday is a great day to make that positive change. It is the first opportunity this week that you will be able to put a smile on someone’s face–even your own! It is a great time to start a new habit and break an old one.